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'Simple Segmen by IKA '}
2 December 2013 | 05:41 | 0Comment




1. If i woke up one morning and find myself had switched bodies with someone i know, i will scream to the hell and faint

2. If i have to be an animal, i would choose to be tiger because i can be very independant like tiger as jongkook also a tiger . mihmih

3. If i had only 24 hours to live, i will enjoy myself at the first 12 hours and the next 12 hours i'll have faith to Allah , pray and do good deeds

4. If a classmate asked me for the answer to a question during an exam while the teacher was not looking, i will write ' ask the teacher 'on a paper and ask the teacher to pass to him/her .

5. If the whole world were listening to me, i will say please stop all the bullshit that happen in gaza and please pray for gaza .

6. If i am a rich person, i will buy the whole world so that everyone will hear to me include israel\

7.  If i am an ice cream, i will choose vanila flavor because vanila is sweet

8. If someone's underwear was showing, i will laughing non stop as i've had it before. that was hillarious !

9. If i can change one of the bad habits that i have, i would change the way im sleeping . i want to be sleeping beauty v.v

10. If i am a superhero, i would like to be totally spies which i can had makeup as my weapon . kiki

11. If a film director made a movie of my life, i would like to play as myself . I like my life very much ! Thanks Allah

12. If were invited to have a tea with the queen of england, i would say NO .i want to have a tea with jongkook

13. If i were the president of the united states, the problem or concern would i work on first is the way they are thinking

14. If i had to describe myself using three words, it would be i am unperfect

15. If i could be anybody besides myself, i would be one of the runningman 's member so that i can see jong kook . Hahaaa